Thursday, September 20, 2012

Baby's Room

Sooooo...... I was having a bad morning today and I walked into Micah's room and I just smiled from ear to ear.  Not because I miss Micah or because I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room, but because I still CANNOT believe we thought she was a boy for 5 months.  I really laugh inside when I think about how crazy that was.  I feel in a way God was protecting us because he knew our fate.  If we had made a really girlie space for our beautiful little Micah Dylan then we would be having a really hard time walking by it everyday. This space makes me happy just because of all the love we put into it and it turned out exactly how we had planned, except for the part that a boy was supposed to live in here.  
 I wanted to share the final result because I have gotten a lot of questions about what the room looked like. So here we go.....   

I had posted my mood/design board back in March and I ended up using almost everything here except for those blue chevron baskets from Land of Nod and the drawer pulls. 
 I ended up finding the cutest knobs instead, you'll see them in a minute. 

There were some splurges along the way and some major bargains. I'll try to link everything in case any of you are looking to find them yourselves.   

TA DA......

 Bedding from Serena and Lily 
I had to have it.  It wasn't too kiddie and it was just modern enough for my taste.

(I know bumpers are dangerous so this was solely for the design aspect)

Jenny Lind Crib for $169 at Amazon 
LOVE LOVE LOVE this crib.  It's so vintage and mixing it with modern fabrics just melts my heart. 

Artwork from Etsy- Grace Hester Designs 

A little homemade action here. 
Our little boy's name was going to be
 Micah William Turner

My Awesome Maternity Pics done by Kristine Ryan Photography


We had these 4 frames just lying around the house but they were black so I spray painted them white. 
It makes the photos pop instead of a dark black frame. 
I <3 them

A gift from my mom: 
This GENIUS space saving Corner Changing Table 

Major Major bargain! 
We saved so much money by refinishing this Turner family dresser.  It has been in Bill's family for YEARS!  Bill did an amazing job. Unfortunately he had to put up with my back seat driver attitude, "Ummmmm....your not gonna do that are you? You missed a spot. Make sure you don't get any on the carpet!"  Let's just say Bill is a SAINT for putting up with me =) I would normally be doing all of the painting but the primer was really strong and I was REALLY pregnant. 

He did a GREAT job!

Another Bargain: 
Probably my favorite find of the whole project were these cute knobs that I found on sale at Amazon for 2 bucks!  CHA CHING!  It did add an extra step (filling in the extra holes from the previous pulls) in the refinishing project but it was totally worth it.  These are adorable =)

This Luca glider  was purchased from Land of Nod and YES it was a splurge but we knew it was going to be a piece we could eventually use in our family room.  We also had some family members that gifted us some extra cash at my shower to help us make this purchase! 
You know who you are and we

This awesome patchwork quilt was made by my Aunt Cindy. I had some extra fabric left over from the bedding set and I sent it to her and she matched it with all of these other prints and made this amazing quilt. It's so Beautiful and FUN!

We decided not to get the gliding ottomon because we wanted to save some money, so instead we got this poof from HomeGoods for $99.  It gives this room such a jolt when you walk in. I love it and it is the perfect height for your feet (not to mention it is so soft). The gliding ottomon would have cost us $400 after shipping and taxes. We saved $ 300 by making this decision.  SCORE!!!!

I have gotten a lot of questions about these poms because we used some of them at my baby shower and at a friend's baby shower. They are the easiest thing to make and a super cheap way to get a huge impact in a room. Just follow this tutorial and you are golden.  They add such a fun whimsical feel to any space.  And you can group them together to make a bouquet on your ceiling or you can hang them like a mobile, as I did here.....

Window Treatments:
We originally had these white grommet panels from Bed Bath and Beyond and just your typical mini blinds.  I decided I wanted to keep everything to save money, but I wanted to change the look a little. So I got these Bamboo Blinds from which gave the window just enough color and texture. So now we have a whole new look for under $70. (fun trick: I installed the bamboo blinds(outside mount) over top of the mini blinds that way I can still get full light control.) You can't see the mini blinds in this pic because they are rolled all the way up. If you scroll back up to the pic of Bill painting the dresser you can see what the mini blinds look like. 

I got crafty one night and turned this extra piece of fabric (I had lying around the house) into a table runner for the dresser. The edges were all frayed so I got some iron on adhesive to hem all four sides and PRESTO! It looks awesome and if you didn't know I am OBSESSED with the chevron prints right now.  I didn't want the lamp or TV to scratch our freshly painted dresser so this was the perfect solution and it looks so cute.   

Another fun teeny tiny project was taking this $2 tin container I got from Michael's and just adding some scrapbooking paper to the outside of it to give it a fun colorful look.  It's perfect for holding all of the essentials. 

Silver plated cup was perfect for all of those baby Q-tips!  Thanks Shirley =) 

This basket was purchased from HomeGoods and it is the perfect size for all of those WONDERFUL homemade quilts that Micah William received. (he seriously got 5 different quilts and they all matched his room)  I love how I say "he" as if I had a boy.  I am still pinching myself.  It's hilarious to think about all of the preparation that went into this BOY'S room and we ended up with our little girl ANGEL!  
LOL....SMH (shaking my head)

And last but not least the piece that ties EVERYTHING together is this amazing ZEBRA print area rug from  We got this rug for $359 with a $54 discount + $2.59 for shipping. Final price    $308.94.  Definitely a great deal for an 8 x 10. 

Well that's it!  I know you are all probably thinking, "Man, what are they going to do with that room now?" Don't worry we will slowly transition it back into our workout room and then hopefully transition it back into a baby's room again in the near future.  WINK WINK!  

More blogs to come.... 
Blog topics:
1.  Lovely gifts from family and friends
2. Signs from Micah

We heart Micah!


  1. Holy!!!!! That is absolutely incredible!!! you want to come do my daughters room?!?! you have some serious talent, miss! Btw, the pics are coming...I didn't forget!

    1. Thanks Kristine! I hope you didn't mind me linking your website on here =)

    2. absolutey not! feel free to link away! You have such an amazing talent :) are coming your way - going out today!

  2. Wink wink???.....hmmmm!!!!

  3. The room is amazing!!!!! I love every single detail!!!

  4. Michelle! this room is fantastic! I love it- we had talked about it back in July but this is definitely not wht I expected! It was wonderful and also heart-wrenching to see you again today. I have already been stalking your blog and looking at all the amazing memories and pictures of such a beautiful little girl. -Melissa