Sunday, October 23, 2016

Moving My Body Saved My Life

I cannot believe I did it. Holy moly I never ever ever ever thought I'd ever stand on Venice Beach, in front of a well known LA photographer, take my shirt off and begin posing for a photo shoot.  Living list item #22: Photo shoot with Charlz Chalmers @charlzalexander  on Venice Beach 7-22-16. CHECK!!!!

I am a SURVIVOR!  Moving my body saved my life and these pics represent that.  Grief can take you down some dark roads but just simply moving your body can bring you back to the well lit path. Focusing on the little things like picking up a weight, stepping forward, lunging and then stepping back was EXACTLY what my brain needed.  I needed a break from the negative self talk.  For 45 minutes my thoughts about Micah had dwindled. I had to focus on the simple movements and embrace the physical pain of lifting. That pain was nothing compared to the emotional hurt I was experiencing so it was actually enjoyable. I know... crazy right?!  After one workout I was hooked.  It felt so good to feel something different from what I was used to.  Four years later I still get excited for each and every workout. It's what keeps me sane and feeling empowered.  If I can hold 150lbs on my back, lower it and spring it back up with force then I can handle anything.  I am so incredibly grateful for my arms, legs, back and core because they pushed my mind through some difficult times.
Moving my body saved my life and these photos are not just photos of a fit girl in workout clothes on a beach. They are photos of a girl who woke up one day and decided to KEEP LIVING when most wouldn't. She represents LIFE AFTER LOSS!  It is possible.

Life is full of miracles!  You just have to be open to the enormous amount of possibilities all around us. We are creators.  We are capable of so much more than we think or could even muster up with our imaginations. Go create the life of your dreams NOW and BE A GOOD PERSON!