Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Keeping Busy

Sooooooo.....we all know I LOVE to paint and I LOVE to decorate/organize.  Painting is so incredibly soothing to me.  I can pop open a can of paint, throw some pandora on and go to town.  I have found that painting has been a huge help for me in this RIDICULOUSLY challenging time.  It allows me to feel this sense of freedom to do whatever I want; no rules, no time constraints, I can cry whenever I want and most importantly I can transform something great into something AMAZING.  If you are all wondering what I have been painting, I am here to tell you.  My VERY pregnant sister, Holly and her adorable family, just recently moved into a new house.  She settled days after Micah had passed and I really believe it was a TRUE blessing that this happened.  If any of you know me, you know I was drooling at the chance to attack her new house.  I say it was blessing because I now have something to consume my days with, my sister will let me do whatever I want and it is something that I LOVE LOVE LOVE to do. 

Sooooo I dove right in! I am currently in the middle of painting their upstairs and downstairs foyer and we have already had the popcorn ceilings removed in the living room and dining room.  I also snagged Greg Hanson (my handyman) and had him install a backsplash the first weekend they moved in.  It all happened so fast but I am so glad they took my advice and were COMPLETELY on board with my vision. Their kitchen looks GORGEOUS and Mr. Hanson did a rockstar job on the splash!  Sometimes I forget it's NOT my house so I want to THANK Holly and Tom for letting me run loose in their casa.   

Before I leave I want to share this quick mirror makeover that I am just soooooo excited about.  I snagged this super rustic mirror from homegoods and I knew it was perfect for a certain wall in Holly's house but it just wasn't the right color.  The next day I picked up some paint and before they came home from work it was painted and ready to be hung.  Check it out.... 


 I had a little helper along the way... 
My niece Anna

Before                                                                    After
 I am so smitten over this project and all it took was a can of paint to transform this already stunning mirror.  Wait until you see it in the space, it is ridic!!!!

As you can see I LIVE for decorating and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I am so happy that I have this as an outlet and it is something I absolutely ENJOY doing. After going through what I went through this summer I have completely re-evaluated my life and realized I have to go after what I want and NEVER hold back.  This has been a MAJOR revelation for me and I am excited to tell you all that I plan on launching my very own decorating blog VERY VERY soon so stay tuned.  It's one step in the right direction and I hope you all will check it out.

                                                                      I heart Painting and Micah!


  1. I WISH I could do stuff like this!!! I'm stressing over hanging curtain rods!

    1. I will be doing a tutorial on how to hang curtains rods in 2 weeks! Stay tuned...