Saturday, October 6, 2012

Signs from our Micah girl

When I think about Micah communicating with us it gives me the warmest feeling inside.  It's a feeling that I never want to go away.  There have been a bunch of different occasions that I am going to share with you guys. Starting with my favorite....

1. My dad had a hip replacement 3 days after Micah's funeral and even though being in a hospital was the last place we wanted to be it was a no brainer that we would go spend some time with him.  On our way home one day we were approaching the Betsy Ross Bridge and the weather had been crazy all day with tons of rain. So we're driving along and I look to left as I am driving on the bridge and it's so foggy out that I can't even see the water below us.  To the right of the bridge was even more dark sky that had just passed us.  We get to the middle of the bridge and we see this MASSIVE rainbow. I'm talking HUGE and its SOOOOOOOO bright.  Keep in mind seconds before you couldn't see a damn thing to the left and now we see this intensely bright rainbow.  It was so bright that we could actually see where the rainbow started.  Meaning it lit up the tops of the trees on the NJ side of the bridge and it looked like it was coming out of the trees.  It was almost as if we were in the eye of a storm because as soon as we got off the bridge we couldn't see it anymore. Seriously, it was nowhere to be found and there was absolutely NO sun anywhere.  I remember Bill saying "I've been alive for 55 yrs and I have never seen where a rainbow touches the ground."  We knew immediately it was Micah beaming down through those stormy clouds to say "Hi Mom and Dad, I'm okay and hanging out with this guy they call Jesus." CHILLS!

2. The next sign is Micah's way of communicating with her cousins. My nephew Tommy got a super cool remote control police car that he likes to press one button that makes this car spin in circles  He seriously doesn't drive it anywhere he just lets it circle in one place.  So I get a call one day from Holly and she says, "Micah is messing with all of us" and I was like what do you mean and then she said that the police car would turn and start circling out of nowhere.  They all were smiling saying "It's Micah!"

3. Bill and I were sitting on the beach the day we were planning on spreading some of Micah's ashes and we were asking Micah for a sign or I should say Bill was asking for a sign and I was like, "Ummmm you're crazy it doesn't work like that, we have to wait for her.  She won't do it on call." And of course we BOTH stared at the seagulls, the water, the clouds in search for this sign and it was what I expected.... NOTHING!  So we ended up going on with our day/night and it was a beautiful little ceremony we had.  The next morning we wake up, I'm sitting at the table sorting through all of those amazing photos that Becky took and Bill is hanging on the couch watching the tube.  He, like he ALWAYS does, was going through the pics of Micah on his phone reminiscing about all of the fun times and then he comes across this picture below.  He took it a couple minutes after we were talking about Micah sending us a sign on the beach. Prior to us talking about that I had taken a photo with my phone and posted it on facebook and there was nothing exciting in my pic other than the tops of my!

So he immediately sees this photo and was like "Shush, check this out. Do you think it's Micah?" and I immediately got chills once again.

 I noticed how bright it was up near the sky and it was beaming down right where we had planned on spreading her ashes.  We did it at a specific spot so we always know where to sit the next time we are there.  It was so Micah saying, "Mom you are wrong and Dad is right.  I can send signs whenever you want."  LOVE HER

4. I have the same routine every time I sit down to blog.  I park it on my awesome sectional, grab my laptop from my desk behind my sofa and I put on channel 429 on our TV(Today's Country) and I go to town.  Almost every time I turn the TV on and begin to write the same song comes on, and it did today when I started writing this post.  This has happened at least 5 times and it's not just any song it's a song we heard driving to the hospital every day this summer.  Not only is it a familiar song but every time it would come on in the car I would say, "yay it's Micah's song." I am not going to share the song because you will soon hear it on here in an upcoming post.  I would sometimes just bawl in my car signing this song.  The words totally apply to something so different from our situation but Love is Love and I loved relating the words to me taking care of my Micah Girl.  

5. My friend Alicia's daughter was doing her homework about 2 weeks ago and one of her problems looked like this:

Her daughter actually said " Look mom, just like baby Micah." Yup Micah is totally making me smile all the time. Thanks for sending this Alic!!!

6. The most recent sign was just yesterday. I of course was painting at Holly's house and I was in her upstairs foyer and I thought I heard a car door so I went into their master bedroom to look out the front window.  I wanted to make sure if Tom was home with kids that they knew they couldn't come upstairs.  I looked and no one was there but as I walked by their bed, Eva's old crib soother started playing music.  I guess Eva brought it into their room and was playing with it earlier that morning.  I had to go over and turn it off and it scared the bejesus out of me.  It sounded like the same tune that Micah's soother played while she was at CHOP.  I'm sure they all have the same music but I felt like it was her there with me.  It was a good day after that happened. No matter how far away she is I know she is with me wherever I go.

We heart you Micah Girl!

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