Sunday, August 5, 2012

3 Weeks-Signs Everywhere

After our worst couple of days at CHOP, Billy boy and I stop at Wawa to fill up our tank and we see this car parked directly in front of us.

Did you just get goosebumps??? I did too!!! I heard Bill say, "hey shush, check out that car's license plate" and we both looked at each other and just grinned ear to ear.  Right then and there we knew everything was going to be okay.  It was God's way of saying .......Believe!!!! He knew we were starting to lose faith after the week we had. 

The beginning of the week was great, we had a couple visitors, Micah passed her hearing screen and we found out that her Chromosome (Genome-wide array) test had come back NORMAL =)  
GREAT GREAT GREAT news!!!!  But then she had a really scary episode on Friday night.  She threw up and the nurses had to "bag her"(basically give her oxygen because she wasn't breathing).  I hated hearing that phrase "bag her." They also ordered an X-ray because they were afraid she had gotten some of the vomit/breast milk into her lungs.  X-ray came back and her right lung looked foggy so they were going to give Micah time to get it out of her system and then X-ray it again the next day. Saturday rolls around and she has another episode with the vomit around 1:30pm and again at 230pm so they decide to take her off of her feeds aka no breast milk wahhhhhh =( and just give her an IV for a day or two to give her body time to recover. We still don't know what caused the vomiting and it is so frustrating because it took her 2 weeks to build up to the amount of breast milk she was receiving. It's like starting all over again.  It was horrible to see our little peanut struggling to breath and not being able to protect her own airway(so scary).  She was so exhausted after all of that and then she still had to get an IV.  It took 3 different nurses to put the needle in and I've never heard Micah cry so hard. BROKE MY HEART. I am sure any mom out there can relate, noone wants to see their child in pain.   

Look at this face how could you NOT get upset seeing her in pain.....

The second X-ray came back and her lungs were looking better, even after the 2 other vomiting episodes. We were shocked and happy to hear that. So the next step is for Micah to sleep and recover from a horrible two days.  We helped her recover by doing some Kangaroo time.  She absolutely LOVES lounging on her mommy and daddy.  She snuggles up to us and squeezes our bodies with everything she's got. 

Before I go I want to share some fun facts about our little Micah girl:

1. She sneezes in sets of 3 like her dad 
2. She loves to poop EVERY TIME we change her diaper
3. She has the biggest feet and the longest fingers I have ever seen on a baby
4. She has the cutest little coo when she readjusts her sleeping position
5. She loves her einstein sound machine-she stares at all of the fishies
and last but not least .....

6. She HATES bath time! 

LOL... okay I know what I said before about seeing her upset but c'mon this is a cute kind of upset. Cracks me up!


Glad this week is over =)

We Heart Micah!


  1. I love reading your posts, Michelle. Hang in there - and keep the faith! That was definitely a sign!