Tuesday, August 14, 2012


There are NO WORDS to describe the love we feel from all of you!  We have received SOOOOO many cards and SOOOO many generous gifts/donations.  The CHOP life has really put a dent in our wallets and the help we have received from ALL of you is really overwhelming.  It is amazing to see people reaching out left and right to send their love to our family.  We will never forget this for as long as we live.  This is what LIFE is about, being there for people when they need it most and you ALL have done just that.  We can't thank you enough!   

Micah has taught Bill and I so many life lessons and she is only 1 month old.  She has taught us to be patient, to have faith, to believe in each other, to never give up, to allow family to help when we need it most and to appreciate the gift of LIFE. Watching her struggle to swallow her own saliva really makes me look at other newborns and see them just as they are: COMPLETE MIRACLES.  Micah is our beautiful miracle and we are SOOOOOO very thankful for her.  I can't believe I used to live a life WITHOUT her.  Only God knows the LOVE we have for her and only he knows the path in front of her. We are so excited for the journey ahead. Micah has amazing things coming her way, I just know it.

Here she is two days after surgery (Saturday 8-11-12).... 

Hi, all of you kind and generous people!

Thank you all again for your AMAZING love and support.  Whether it was just a text, a kind donation, a facebook comment, a private message, a blog comment, an email, a phone call, a card, or a visit,  IT MEANT THE WORLD to us =)  

We Heart ALL of YOU!!!!

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  1. Michelle, Micah is so beautiful and she is lucky to have such wonderful parents by her side every day! I know with the two of you by her side it can only help her fight more and more each day. I pray that someday soon she is strong enough to make it home to only be greeted by all of the people that love and have been fighting for her. She is precious and I wish u all of the luck in the world!!! You are a terrific mommy an I am so happy u have Bill by your sides :)