Wednesday, August 8, 2012

We Heart Daddy!

Okay so here is the post where Micah and I proclaim our love for the coolest, most compassionate, laid back, fun loving, honest, gorgeous, man we know.  Yes, I am talking about you, William Wolfe Turner. You have made Micah and I the two happiest women in the world.  We cannot wait to have tea parties where we can dress you up like a girl and put nail polish on your fingers and toes.  OH BOY..... I'm getting excited just talking about it.  Why did I want a boy again?????  So glad I can't remember.  

Many of you know I have a Type A personality and I am obsessed with being organized.  I love making lists after lists after lists, so I decided to make a list of all the reasons why Micah and I LOVE her daddy. 
Here we go.....

Why we HEART Daddy: 

1. He makes us laugh every day 
2. He hugs and kisses us as much as he can
 (as long as I am not in the middle of one of my reality tv shows )
3. He cleans all of my pump parts after EVERY pump & it doesn't matter what time it is
4. He would go and get Micah and I anything we were craving during my pregnancy
5. He dances in front of me to try to keep me awake during late night pumps...LOL
6. He would go up and down the stairs a million times to get me stuff while I was recovering
7. He dresses very good (had to throw that one in there)
8.  He makes the best breakfast sandwiches and home fries
9. He has the cutest snore while he is sleeping with Micah on his chest
and last but not least.....
10. He is our ROCK and he LOVES us unconditionally and will never stop!

There are no words to explain the amount of LOVE I have for this man and maybe its because I'm totally hormonal and my first and only child has been in CHOP for 3 weeks (LOL....) 
BUT..... I do TRULY adore him and I would not be holding it together right now if it wasn't for his amazing self.  

Micah and I both want to say, WE LOVE YOU DAD!

We Heart Micah!

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  1. You def have a great guy, Shush.. And he truly is the BEST dad ever. I couldn't have hand picked a better dad myself for Micah and I. It doesn't hurt that he has such a wonderful partner in you, too! You guys will, and already do, make such a great parenting team for your little angel. But I will personally attest to the fact that our, Micah's and my, father, our daddy, is most def #1 dad ever.. I love you all xoxo