Saturday, August 4, 2012

Micah is LOVED by many!

In the first 3 weeks Micah had MANY visitors. There are a few visitors that we did not get pictures of and I wanted to make sure we acknowledged them here:  

My dad- PopPop Thornton
Bill's brother Dave and his awesome wife Nancy
Micah's ONLY Great Grandmother <3- my mom's mom (aka MomMom to me)
My cousin Erin (who got Micah the cutest sunglasses for the bright lights in the NICU)
Joe Holland- an amazing friend from work


My mom - Mimi                                                   My brother Dave (aka Uncle Bunky)

            My sister- Julie (aka Aunt JuJu)                                          My sister - Holly (aka Aunt Hol)


               Bro-in-law - Uncle Tom                                                   My brother's Girlfriend Stacy

Micah's Nana and Grandad Turner came all the way from North Carolina to meet her.


Holly's sister in law, Lori and her husband, Tim (aka my friends as well)

                    Bill's brother- (Uncle Jim)                                   One of my besties- Tracy

  Jackie - College Bestie (National Champion)              Penny- My College Coach (National Champion)

A bunch of our WORK FRIENDS came to meet Micah!

         Dawn and her husband Jay                                                 Alyssa and her husband Dennis


                                               Jean Marie                                                                                                  Alicia




               Johnny Godoy                                                                                   Leigh and her husband Mick


                                        And last but NOT least one of my favorite little visitors....

My 5yr old niece Anna who wasn't old enough to see Micah but she came anyway to see me and eat ice cream =)

We appreciate your support =)

We Heart Micah!

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