Saturday, August 18, 2012


After the LONG week we had with Micah's multiple episodes, I felt like the only thing that we could do to make us feel better was to say THANK YOU to our fabulous team of nurses.  Micah is SO LUCKY to have such an amazing group of people taking care of her.  

Bill and I decided we had to do something special for them, so we stocked them up on CANDY because I wanted to nibble on some because we know as soon as they get 8 hours into their 12 hour shift they need a little pick me up. They loved it so much and they were so appreciative.  We put together a pretty good selection of candy, along with a card from Bill and I, and then Micah put this "little" something together for them too.....   

When we arrived the next day the night nurses had put this HILARIOUS scene together overnight.  Apparently, they were all cracked out on candy and were having a little too much fun with this CPR baby.  TOO FUNNY!!! We were hysterical when we saw this.  Even more of a reason why we LOVE our nurses. 

There are a bunch of nurses that I haven't taken pictures of yet but I will get on that soon. In the meantime here are two of the sweetest nurses that Micah gets to hangout with all day long.
Thanks for all you do ladies!!! Bill and I LOVE hanging out with you too. We feel like we've known you guys forever.  You will definitely be invited to Micah's 1st birthday party. 

Bri (left) and Steph (right)

This is Chris, she might be the shortest funniest nurse we have on our team. 
She makes us laugh every day.  Thanks Chris!!!

And here is Micah's life saver, Lauren! Micah would not be here if it wasn't for Lauren and her amazing nursing skills. We DEFINITELY heart Lauren!   

We Heart Micah's Nurses!

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  1. Hi Michelle and Bill and Micah,
    This is the first I am reading your blog. I want you all to know that I think of you so, so much. Every day, many times a day. I hope you are hanging in there. Please know that you are in Bob and my thoughts and prayers every day. We love you. :)
    Beth Ann and Bob Lutz